What you can study in Italy

Several faculties and educational pathways

You can choose from over 160 Bachelor and Masters Degree courses, listed under the following sectors:

  • Mathematics and IT
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Natural Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Medicine
  • Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences
  • Civil Engineering and architecture
  • Industrial and IT Engineering
  • Arts
  • History, Philosophy, Pedagogy, Psychology
  • Law
  • Economics and Statistics
  • Political and Social Sciences

Where can you study?

Over 90 Italian Universities, both public and private, are ready to welcome you during your stay. To find the course and University that is best suited to your needs you can use our Course Guidance Service.

Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples?

Have you already decided where you would like to live during your stay in Italy? When choosing, remember that some universities offer online courses as well, which you can attend from any city you choose to live in.

Offices throughout Italy

Whatever city or University you choose, you can still count on Cepu Study in Italy: we in fact have offices in all the major Italian cities and we can assist you whatever course you choose.

Would you like further information on the Italian Bachelor and Masters Degree courses? Contact us.