University in Italy

Italy’s university system: academic qualifications

The main academic titles awarded by Italian universities are:

  • "laurea" (also called "laurea di primo livello", equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree or Undergraduate Degree)
  • "laurea magistrale" (also called "laurea di secondo livello", equivalent to a Master’s Degree or Postgraduate Degree)


The course after which you can be awarded an undergraduate degree aims to “provide students with an adequate knowledge of general scientific methods and notions, even though they might be oriented towards acquiring specific professional training”.


The graduate course after which you can be awarded a postgraduate degree aims to provide students “with an advanced training to exercise highly qualified activities in specific areas”.
Even single-cycle graduate courses, i.e. five-year courses you can enter after secondary school, can award postgraduate degrees.

Duration and academic credits

Undergraduate courses generally last three years, while postgraduate courses generally last two years.
To receive an undergraduate degree, students must acquire 180 academic credits, while only 120 credits are needed for a postgraduate degree. Each credit corresponds to 25 hours of studying; students should acquire an average of 60 credits each year.

Foreign students in Italy: facts and figures

Over 100,000 foreign students have chosen to study at an Italian university, and this is a growing figure. This is the reason why Cepu Study in Italy has started offering a special university preparation and assistance service, the ideal tool to reach your goal of getting a degree within the timeframe given and with great results.
One third of these international students live in central Italy: here in fact you can find prestigious universities such as those of Bologna, Rome, Florence, and Pisa as well as those especially dedicated to foreign students located in Perugia and Siena.
Economics, Engineering, and Medicine are particularly popular among foreign students.

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