Our service

University assistance to foreign students

Cepu Study in Italy works to facilitate and enrich foreign students’ experience abroad.
We offer:

  • Academic Guidance
  • Assistance with Paperwork
  • Assistance with Logistics
  • Academic Preparation

Academic Guidance

Before choosing a course you need to know which universities offer it, whether admittance is tied to prerequisites that need to be checked through entry tests, whether job opportunities and career prospects are in line with your interests and expectations.
A wrong choice can compromise your study experience in Italy: this is way, before starting a course, we offer an academic guidance service, helpful in finding the course best suited to your needs and aspirations.

Assistance with Paperwork

Moving to another country, even for a limited period of time, means filling in some important paperwork apart from that required from the university. Relying on us frees you of a lot of paperwork that you would have had to take care of yourself like:

  • Requesting a visa (non-UE citizens)
  • Requesting medical insurance
  • Having previous academic certificates recognized
  • Enrolling in university
  • Getting through administrative paperwork (curriculum, fees, certificates, etc.)

Assistance with Logistics

Our support looks especially to the practical side of things: we manage all the logistics of your study in Italy, from arrival to integration in society. In particular, we take care of:

  • Looking for accommodation
  • Welcoming you and providing first practical info on your stay
  • Tour of the university
  • Information on transport, restaurants, clubs, sports and recreational activities
  • Telephone and Internet

Academic Preparation

We are top professionals in the country when it comes to academic preparation – we have assisted thousands of people before you and we can offer an efficient academic assistance service. Our tutors, expert teachers specialized in learning and teaching methods, follow the students in every phase while preparing an exam to help them pass it as easily and with the best result as possible. An average of 82% – 90% in some exams – of the students we help is able to pass an exam on first call.

Apart from academic preparation, we also offer support in:

  • Learning Italian
  • Planning your academic curriculum
  • Analyzing the most relevant topics in the course

Would you like a more detailed explanation of what we can do for you, or would you like to book a meeting with an academic guidance counsellor? Contact us.