Your secondary school diploma

A one in a lifetime opportunity

If you are at least 16 years old and you want to enrich your studies by attending a prestigious Italian school, you now have the opportunity to do so thanks to the specialists in this area. You can therefore trust Cepu Study in Italy: we will help you during your chosen path from the delicate phase of integrating in a new country until your graduation.

A diploma is usually obtained after four years of studying. However, according to your objectives and on the years of studying you have already completed, you will be able to access directly the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th year.

The course of studies

In short, your journey towards a diploma issued by an Italian school will be structured as such:

  1. Interview and choosing a school
  2. Moving to Italy
  3. Enrolment to the 1st year
  4. Enrolment to other years of studying
  5. State exam and diploma

The personal tutor

A personal tutor will help you during your entire academic career.
The tutor has two functions:

  1. assists and helps the student in doing his/her homework. Every tutor is an expert teacher, specialized in learning techniques and study methodology, and is therefore able to provide a full academic assistance.
  2. helps the student with the same level of attention a parent would have. The tutor is the point of reference in case of problems and is in charge of sending a monthly report to the student’s family regarding school work, and the student’s behaviour and lifestyle. The tutor’s support and proximity are fundamental to help the student not to miss home.

What our staff says

"Over the weeks we have been able to create a very good relationship, regardless of the language barrier which we have been able to overcome and tank to the student’s will in wanting to learn Italian. Today, I can say I’m very satisfied of the results we achieved – we will continue to work together to help the student integrate in our reality as best as possible".

Elena, tutor

Do you want to know which year you could access or do you want to have further information? Contact us.