Why in Italy

Discovering Italy

During the course of your studies you will have the chance to breathe in the Italian culture and traditions that fascinate the whole world, as well as visit wonderful places and important cities such as Rome, Venice, Florence, and Naples. Italy is the country with the greatest number of Unesco World Heritage Sites, and it is the 5th most visited country in the world.

You will discover the real Made in Italy

Both the artisan and the industrial production of Italy boasts examples of excellence acknowledged on a worldwide level and generally called “Made in Italy”: the fashion, food, furniture, and automobile sectors are the most famous, appreciated, and important examples.
It is only living in Italy that you will have the chance to see products such as clothing, accessories, and design complements, and to buy them directly from the producer is so you wish, to taste the great variety of Italian cuisine, to enjoy the best wines in the world, to get in touch on a daily basis with the Italian style and creativity.

History and culture without equal

Architecture, painting, sculpture, music, theatre: over the centuries, Italy has undeniably contributed to worldwide culture. Living in Italy, albeit for a short period, you will get the chance to really appreciate the country’s beauty and to discover its less famous sides.

An experience for all tastes

Thanks to its climate, its geographical structure and its vivacity, Italy offers many occasions for entertainment aimed at all tastes and preferences: from the clubs in younger and more dynamic cities like Milan, to highly qualified sports such as soccer and volleyball, to beaches and clear sea of Southern Italy, to the wonderful scenery and breathtaking mountains.

What our students say

"I love Italy, its culture, its way of life, its education system, and obviously soccer. There is a high quality of life here, and the food is great!"

Liu L., student in Milan

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And after my diploma?

If you decide you want to continue your studies in Italy, you will have the opportunity to enrol in some of the best Italian public universities – the fees are much lower than in other countries while featuring a high level of teaching. The Cepu Study in Italy section specializing in university will be here to help you at every moment of your university studies.

Your experience in Italy starts here: contact us for further information.